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Leather Duster Trench Coat

By Kenny Leach

Dusters were made popular by cow pokes and outlaws of the old west. While these early dusters were made from cloth(s), some have evolved to leather. Leather Dusters can protect you from some of the harshest elements Mother Nature throws at us. These include, but are not limited to, cold, wind, rain, and foremost dust storms. Today they are still popular amongst bikers and cowboys.

The Leather Duster is an absolute must own for almost everyone, man or woman. These dusters come in a variety of colors and leathers. Some leather dusters have a removable cape and zip out lining both features are a plus, removing the cape gives the duster a whole new look. They can also feature four leg straps two for each leg, this prevents these long trench coats from flapping too much in the wind, and also adds protection to your legs. The leather duster has a total of five pockets! (2 that you can easily slide your hands into, 2 deep pockets on top of the previous mentioned with double snap down covers, and one inside breast pocket)

This leather duster will keep you warm while looking stylish. The black leather duster is manufactured from fine quality full grain leather. Any natural markings are a distinct part of the leather which makes your leather duster unique.

Leather products can last a life time and look like new with the proper care. Using mink oil (2-4 times a year) softens the leather and helps prevent creasing and cracks that can occur over time. When applying oils or other treatments to your leather garment, pay special attention to seams and stitching. After applying treatments allow it to soak in for 24 hours then remove excessive treatments with a clean dry cloth.

Note: Always test in an inconspicuous area as treatments can change color(s) of some dyes used in leather!

Do not attempt to launder by hand or in the machine. If you want to press your leather set the iron on the lowest setting. Do not use steam! Place a heavy brown paper between the surface of the leather and the iron, constantly moving the iron.

Leather Duster Trench Coat
Your leather should be cleaned by a professional specializing in leather care.

You want to feel protected and look good when you ride. Our leather motorcycle jackets offer the look and protection you're looking for at an affordable price. Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning our leather motorcycle jackets.

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