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Whether you're a pro bull rider with his eye on the gold buckle, or an urban cowboy stepping out for a night on the town, no western ensemble is complete without the classic Men's Duster.

Men: Make it an Australian Large Oilskin Duster - Riding Coat ($99.95) made of premium oiled Egyptian cotton. Hose it off and hang to dry. Or go high end with the fully lined, lamb skin  Men's Leather Duster with Cape($795) with removable shoulder cape. Either way, you've got function, comfort and freedom of movement. And you're ready for anything Mother Nature dishes out.  

Oilskin Duster, What it is and How to Maintain It

Oilskin Duster, What it is and How to Maintain ItBy George Crandall

What is an Oilskin Duster? Well, it's a some what fashioned along the lines of a trench coat but with a western flair, they generally are made of a heavy Black or Brown canvas material, with a water repellent coating called 'Reproofing Cream' on the outside shell, most of these have an additional flap that hangs from the neck and shoulders it is attached by snap under the collar and strap under each arm. This flap some times extends half way down the back. The purpose is multi functional in heavy rain it slows the progress of water soaking through, and it also can be used as an additional wind break when wrapped around the head...

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Men's Dusters

Leather Duster Trench Coat

Men's Dusters | Leather Duster Trench CoatBy Kenny Leach

Dusters were made popular by cow pokes and outlaws of the old west. While these early dusters were made from cloth(s), some have evolved to leather. Leather Dusters can protect you from some of the harshest elements Mother Nature throws at us. These include, but are not limited to, cold, wind, rain, and foremost dust storms. Today they are still popular amongst bikers and cowboys.

The Leather Duster is an absolute must own for almost everyone, man or woman. These dusters come in a variety of colors and leathers. Some leather dusters have a removable cape and zip out lining both features are a plus, removing the cape gives the duster a whole new look. They can also feature four leg straps two for each leg, this prevents these long trench coats from flapping too much in the wind, and also adds protection to your legs.

The leather duster has a total of five pockets! (2 that you can easily slide your hands into, 2 deep pockets on top of the previous mentioned with double snap down covers, and one inside breast pocket) This leather duster will keep you warm while looking stylish. The black leather duster is manufactured from fine quality full grain leather. Any natural markings are a distinct part of the leather which makes your leather duster unique...

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Oilskin Clothing - The Best Defense Against Bad Weather

By Lee Siemon

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, I'm not convinced that is the whole story. My curiosity and desire to understand how things came about led me to discover some amazing stories. That need-to-know has convinced me that more than a few times, great things are invented by everyday people who are just looking for a niche to fill that makes them a living. Such is my discovery about oilskin clothing.

I'm sure most of us (I include myself) have never heard of oilskin or never paid attention to its attributes. However, cowboys, range riders, bikers and sailors know all-to-well not to be caught in stormy weather with out it. The simplicity of this invention is amazing considering the speed it became a necessity in certain vocations. Oilskin has the ability to survive rough treatment from work environments that would ruin most other clothing, while being totally waterproof, windproof and warm.

Oilskin coats have become the ultimate in harsh weather protection, sailors and bikers alike don't want to be caught without it, but let's get to the story behind this wonderful product. It all began in the late 1800's when a Scottish sailor, Edward Leroy, retired from sailing and settled in Australia. With no means of income and not much chance of finding a job, Edward looked for a way to...

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